Altera Vastgoed invites Proprli to speak at PROVADA 2024 – Don’t miss out!

Altera Vastgoed Invites Proprli to Speak at PROVADA 2024

In today’s real estate market, property owners and managers often struggle with fragmented communication and data due to primarily operating within their own systems. Furthermore, many existing platforms focus only on one group of stakeholders, limiting the potential for true collaboration. It’s time for a change! Altera and Proprli Altera, in collaboration with Proprli, has […]

Proprli launches innovative ticketing app for property managers

Proprli, the collaboration platform for Technical Real Estate Management, has announced the launch of its new ticketing app, specifically designed to meet the dynamic needs of property managers. This ticketing app is set to streamline the way property managers handle, view, and resolve tickets, facilitating operational efficiency and management capabilities on the go. From ticketing […]

Breaking Down Silos: Proprli’s role in the Real Estate software landscape

Key Takeaways Property and Asset managers work in different systems that align with their core functionalities. Property management software systems focus on the financial aspects of managing real estate. Proprli, a collaboration platform, bridges the gap between Property and Asset managers enabling them to work with the same data, and fosters efficient communication. Proprli is […]

SaaS Bazen Podcast: The Proprli Story with CEO Boudewijn Groot

We’re excited to share that Boudewijn Groot, CEO of Proprli, recently had the opportunity to be featured on the SaaS Bazen Podcast. This platform is a cornerstone for anyone interested in the SaaS industry in the Benelux, offering invaluable insights into the nuts and bolts of building and scaling a SaaS business. The heart of […]

Proprli and FIRST Real Estate partner to modernize Property Management

Proprli, the platform redefining technical real estate management collaboration, has partnered with FIRST Real Estate, a boutique commercial real estate firm. This partnership introduces a streamlined approach to managing FIRST Real Estate’s entire portfolio with Proprli’s platform, focusing on technical management, compliance, and tenant communications. Streamlining operations FIRST Real Estate selected Proprli for its capabilities […]

Proprli further automates Technical Real Estate Management with Axxerion (Spacewell) integration

Proprli rolls out its latest integration with Axxerion (Spacewell), setting a new standard in the automation of technical real estate management. This integration isn’t just about technology; it’s about making property management smarter, more intuitive, and incredibly efficient. The best of both worlds The essence of this integration? Proprli excels in the technical domain, making […]

Proprli welcomes VGE Real Estate Management

Proprli welcomes VGE Real Estate Management

Proprli, the collaboration platform for technical real estate management, is excited to announce that VGE Real Estate Management has chosen the Proprli platform to manage a part of their real estate portfolio. This collaboration marks a significant step in transforming how asset managers, property managers, and investors interact and manage their real estate portfolio. The […]

Real Estate Collaboration Platform Proprli secures £600k investment from Blackfinch Ventures

Real Estate Collaboration Platform Proprli secures £600k investment from Blackfinch Ventures

Proprli, an innovative real estate collaboration platform enabling property and asset managers to manage their real estate portfolios while complying with ESG objectives and net-zero carbon emissions targets, has secured a £600k investment from Blackfinch Ventures. Accelerating Growth This financial boost will accelerate Proprli’s growth, allowing them to further improve the platform and onboard key […]