Breaking Down Silos: Proprli’s role in the Real Estate software landscape

Boudewijn Groot

Boudewijn Groot

Key Takeaways

Property and Asset managers work in different systems that align with their core functionalities.

Property management software systems focus on the financial aspects of managing real estate.

Proprli, a collaboration platform, bridges the gap between Property and Asset managers enabling them to work with the same data, and fosters efficient communication.

Proprli is built specifically for the technical management of real estate.

Rather than replacing existing systems, Proprli complements them, leveraging their strengths.

Being a centralized platform, Proprli brings standardization and continuity in property management across different companies and locations.

The landscape of real estate software is littered with diverse systems, each tailored to serve the unique needs of its target users. Within this landscape, how does Proprli differentiate itself? How does it compare against other real estate management platforms? Let’s delve deeper into this discussion.

The software landscape

In the real estate software landscape, two primary stakeholders exist – Property Managers and Asset Managers. These stakeholders operate within different companies and often utilize different systems. Property Managers typically work in property management software such as Yardi, MRI, REMS, SAP or Axxerion, designed with an emphasis on bookkeeping and financial aspects of managing real estate.

Asset Managers, on the other hand, work in their own systems like Argus or Reasult and extensive financial models in Excel, focusing on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting. With the increasing need to conform to regulations, asset managers often use ESG reporting platforms like Scaler, Deepki, Measurabl, BuildingMinds or Evora.

The Proprli perspective

The drawback to this segregated approach is that Property Managers do not usually work with asset management systems or ESG reporting platforms. However, they are required to provide essential data input. This is where Proprli presents a smart alternative.

Built with both stakeholders in mind from the beginning, Proprli is a unique collaboration platform for Technical Real Estate Management that enables stakeholders to communicate, share data, and work together. Traditional property management systems can now primarily be utilized for their intended purpose – handling the financial aspects of real estate. Similarly, Proprli stands out by showcasing its core strength, which is specifically designed for the technical management of real estate.

Integration over replacement

Only needing budget vs actual data from the traditional property management systems, Proprli integrates with existing systems rather than replacing them. Proprli sends valuable data to asset management systems and ESG reporting platforms to enhance their reporting capabilities while reducing manual input for property managers.

Centralizing collaboration and standardization

Proprli provides a centralized platform for landlords and asset managers dealing with different property management companies across various locations, fostering continuity and standardization. As a layer around external management companies, Proprli streamlines the collaboration process by utilizing the same procedures with different stakeholders.

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