Your solution for streamlined Tenant Support in Real Estate

Managing Real Estate properties involves multiple stakeholders. From Real Estate owners to property managers to tenants, communication is crucial. Proprli Ticketing steps in to streamline this collaboration effortlessly ensuring seamless tenant support.

Falling short on Helpdesk Intelligence, Tenant Interactions trends and Building Performance data?

Looking for detailed insights into tenant-reported issues?

Difficulty pinpointing the sources of your tickets?

Need more insights in which tenants report the most tickets?

Need more insights in which buildings have the most open tickets?

Coordination gaps between Tenants, Property Managers, and Service Providers undermine Operational Excellence

Revolutionizing Ticketing & Tenant communication with Proprli

Strong relationships start with strong interactions. Our Tenant service solution lets you personalize customer experiences, building loyalty and happiness.

One dashboard overview showing your performance

Immediate qualitative information about your helpdesk

Intuitive Ticket Forms

Where Customer Service meets Tenant Satisfaction!

Smart Auto Assignment Rules

Prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets to the right persons

Customizable Smart Workflows & SLA Protocols

 Boost Customer Happiness through Effective SLA Management!

Redefine Operational Excellence in Tenant Service with Proprli Ticketing

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Centralize all ticket-related activities in one platform

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Streamlined Ticket Management

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Automate repetitive processes

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Unlock actionable data to uplift your team's performance

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Keep track of time spent on every ticket and task

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Provide a more personalized and proactive service to your Tenants

Unlock the Full Potential of Tenant Support with Proprli. Join the leaders in Real Estate!

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