All your building data in one centralized platform. Asset Management

All your building data in one centralized platform.

Building View

Transform your technical asset management by digitizing budgets, 10-year maintenance plans, certificates, building elements and documents – all in one platform.

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All your building data in one centralized platform.

What can Building View do for you?

Have live insight in your budgets

Easily track budget vs actuals on a detailed project level. Exactly the right information you need to manage and execute your business plan for the property.

“Proprli’s dashboard provides us with the right information in real-time. Therefore, we can make decisions based on data instead of intuition.”

Have live insight in your budgets

Create and manage 10-year maintenance plans

By digitizing 10-year maintenance plans you can easily extract the right information from your portfolio. For example, you can bundle projects portfolio-wide, to achieve economies of scale and reduce costs.

Create and manage 10-year maintenance plans

Easily manage all building certificates and reminders.

Eliminate the risk that the certification of building installations is not in order when your assets are sold.

“Proprli automatically reminds me and my suppliers when a certificate needs to be renewed, which saves me a significant amount of time. Therefore, I can focus on the exciting tasks of technical asset management.”

Easily manage all building certificates and reminders.

Utilise a summary of building elements

Have a user-friendly overview of all technical elements in your building, including last renovated and current state. This forms the basis of your 10-year maintenance budget and certificates list.

Utilise a summary of building elements

Store all building documents in the cloud

By using all features in Building View, all your building documents are automatically stored in a cloud-based environment. Easily search and find the documents you need.

Store all building documents in the cloud

Own your data Own your data

Integrate with our open API’s Integrate with our open API’s

ISO 27001 certification
ISO 27001 certification

What is a building passport?

A building passport securely stores all technical building attributes through its lifecycle. A building passport provides landlords, asset managers, property managers, occupiers, banks, valuers and insurers with an easy-to-use centralized overview of all technical building aspects – including 10-year maintenance plans, certificates, documents, plans and building elements.

Building passports enable efficient workflows, quick disposal processes, user-friendly sharing capabilities, usage tracking and more.

The best building passports are cloud stored and have banking-level security.

What are the benefits of a building passport?

A building passport provides a secured cloud-based environment to collect and store all technical building attributes.

By using a centralized cloud-based database, all your building data is easily accessible by all property stakeholders. It prevents you to constantly collect and prepare the same information for different parties, because you can provide access to the right information in an instant.

Having one overview of all your building certificates provides certainty that all regulation is in order. Easily provide certainty to your partners, occupiers, banks, insurers, valuers and investors.

Most repetitive tasks can be automated. A building passport automatically reminds you when certificates need to be renewed and which service provider will be notified.

Frequently asked questions about bid management software

Anyone looking to improve their operations and facility management of their properties. From small real estate owners to global investment managers. All portfolio managers, regardless of size, can benefit from implementing a building passport. An enterprise-wide implementation helps departments collaborate easier and more efficiently.

 — Technical managers work more efficiently because they are helped by automated reminders and by having one centralized overview of all their work. They benefit from easy-to-use templates and bring consistency to reporting.

 — Asset managers have insight into the risks and priorities of technical attributes in their portfolio. They have all technical information at hand to use in lease negotiations or reporting to partners and investors.

 — Owners have the certainty that all documentation of their portfolio is in order. The disposal process of a property is much quicker, because all documentation is stored in a centralized platform. Simply provide access to the purchaser’s team.

Firstly, think about how your team currently is managing all its property information, documents, certificates and budgets.

 — Is it resource-intensive to find the right documents and information? If it takes a lot of time to find and share the correct building information, a building passport will definitely help. With innovative tools for organizing and sharing files, your teams won’t spend their valuable time hunting for documents.

 — Can your documents be accessed wherever and whenever you need them? Accessibility is crucial for decision-making and productivity. If your team cannot get the files or documents they need, deadlines will be pushed and priorities will be ignored. It is extremely important to have insight in the status of your certificates.

 — Are you automatically reminded of outdated certificates and deadlines? It is easy to forget deadlines, when you have to remind yourself or set reminders in your calendar manually. A building passport does it for you, even when you are on holiday or taking over tasks of a colleague.

 — Is it easy to share information with third-parties? Stop making similar presentations or spreadsheets over and over again for different stakeholders. Through a building passport you can easily provide access to the right information to third parties.

Once you have made the decision to improve and digitize your operations, you need to onboard your team. The only thing that is required is to provide the data. We onboard your files and information for you and hand over your building passport when it is ready.