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Data Disarray and Scattered Systems

As property owners and asset managers, you face a real estate management maze. Different systems for asset and property management like Yardi, REMS, Axxerion, MRI, Argus, Coyote, Deepki, Measurabl, Evora, Scaler, VTS, ticketing systems and Excel often exist in silos, leading to a critical lack of communication and integration. The result? You’re left grappling with:

System Incompatibility

Inefficiencies due to systems that fail to share and synchronise crucial data

Data Duplication and Discrepancy

A dangerous risk of data inconsistency and duplicate information causing confusion and delays

Communication Hurdles

Reliance on outdated methods like emails, calls, and meetings leading to potential miscommunication

Resistance to Change

Encountering resistance from stakeholders hesitant to adopt new, sustainable practices

Legacy Systems

Dealing with outdated systems lacking modern integration capabilities.

The Domino Effect of Inefficiency

The High Cost of Ignoring the Problems
Ignoring these issues doesn’t just impact your day-to-day operations; it has long-term consequences that can hinder growth:

Revolutionizing Real Estate Management

Streamlining Your Real Estate Operations

Enter Proprli – the leading Collaboration Platform for Real Estate Management. Designed to help you navigate the complex world of property and asset management, we bring you:

Collaborative Asset Management

Centralize budgets, 10-year maintenance plans, building certificates, document storage, and building information, resulting in efficient management and a clear view of your assets.

Supplier & Bid Management

Streamline your process, boost efficiency, and become the master in Governance.

ESG & Climate Risk Management

Create your roadmap towards net zero and accurately report on ESG data.

Experience the Proprli Advantage

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Improved Data Management: Centralize your platform, improve data management and accessibility, achieving up to 40% efficiency gains

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Enhanced Collaboration: Streamline workflows, promote cross-functional collaboration, and reduce email clutter by 60%

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Risk Mitigation: Enhanced compliance and governance capabilities reduce potential fines and penalties by up to 50%

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Greater Sustainability: By implementing ESG strategies and sustainability initiatives, properties can potentially increase asset value by 10%

"We are thrilled to partner with Proprli to offer our clients a comprehensive solution for their real estate management needs. By combining our expertise and knowledge, we can provide owners and asset managers and our property managers with the tools and insights they need to succeed.”

Ton de Graaf

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Tailored Solutions for Real Estate Management

The Proprli Way
Our offerings are designed to empower you with more control and less chaos:

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