Project View 2.0 Supplier & Bid Management

The centralized solution to manage projects and request quotes.

Project View 2.0

Transform your technical management department by eliminating spreadsheets, hard-copy approval files and increase efficiency – all in one platform.

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The centralized solution to manage projects and request quotes.

What can Project View 2.0 do for you?

Organize your projects and bids in one overview

Have the most important information at your fingertips through live dashboards and project overviews. Receive notifications of important progress and share updates instantly with your colleagues and clients.

“Proprli’s dashboard provides us with the right information in real-time. Therefore, we can make decisions based on data instead of intuition.”

Organize your projects and bids in one overview

Manage bidders and quotes easily

Have the greatest level of control of your bid process. Provide more insight into tender progress and save time by automating bid comparisons.

Manage bidders and quotes easily

Compare bids automatically

Comparing quotes used to take a lot of time. By leveraging Proprli’s bid forms, you can save valuable time and receive quotes that are more complete.

“Before Proprli, comparing quotes in PDF-files would take at least a full day. Now with Proprli, the basis of the comparison is automated and we only need to check the results.”

Compare bids automatically

Use efficient approval flows

Keep projects moving. Receive notifications when your attention is required and approve documents, tenders, invoices and change orders, wherever you are.

“Proprli provides the level of detail I need to make a good decision for approving expenditure.”

Use efficient approval flows

Export extensive reports

Download automated reports to use for quarterly meetings, reporting internally and externally and further analysis.

Export extensive reports

Own your data Own your data

Standardize projects Standardize projects

Easy for service providers Easy for service providers

What is digital bid management?

Digital bid management offers an effective solution for enterprises to request quotes for their construction projects. It is quick to onboard and extremely user-friendly. It provides all employees, clients, contractors and other key stakeholders controlled access to project and bid information, including documents, deadlines, prices, bidders and more.

The term digital bid management covers a large array of features. It provides an overview of all projects and outstanding tenders through an interactive dashboard. You can easily start a new project, including predefined folder structures and documents on an individual project page.

From the project page, you can create a bid room which includes the entire tender pack for all bidders. Within the bid room you can create a bid form, either from scratch or by using a template.

All communication is centralised through the Q&A and direct messaging with the bidding companies. Easily invite bidders from your preferred suppliers whereafter every bid is comparable in an apples-to-apples comparison.

Finally, send and approve automated approval file to managers or clients before instructing the winning bidder.

What are the benefits of bid management software?

Digital bid management provides a fair, transparent, well structured process in an intuitive dashboard.

By using digital bid management software, you provide a fair process for all bidders through a sealed-bid process. Even when you decide not to use a sealed-bid process, all actions of opening bids, inviting bidders, uploading new documents and making changes are logged. This provides a fair process for all bidders and clients.

By using one centralised system, you can provide access to colleagues, managers and clients, for them to have insight into the bid process. Therefore, the bid process shifts from a closed email inbox to a centralised system, providing full transparency.

Provide a consistent quality of reports and bid comparisons to your clients and managers by leveraging digital bid management. Don’t spend time on formatting reports or presentations, but spend time analysing the results and managing projects.

All relevant project and bid information comes together in one centralised dashboard. Your dashboard is customizable and you are able to find the right information quick and easy through the use of extensive filters.

Frequently asked questions about bid management software

Anyone looking to optimise their project management and technical management operations. Digital bid management is interesting for companies that manage more than 5 properties, or a number of larger projects per year. An enterprise-wide deployment is an easy way to help departments, clients and consultants break out of their silos. See how different stakeholders can utilize digital bid management:

 — Technical managers work more efficiently and increase reporting consistency across their entire portfolio. Request quotes for maintenance and capex projects, centralize all communication around projects and standardize reporting towards clients.

 — Asset managers have insight into the execution of their budgets and therefore do not need to request frequent updates from technical managers. By having live data at hand you can make data-driven decisions easier and faster.

 — Managing directors finally have a real-time overview of all activities in their portfolio, where they can see how much progress has been made throughout the year. It is possible to look into detailed project information when necessary.

Providing a bid as a service provider in Proprli is extremely easy and intuitive. The service provider receives an automated email, which includes a link to the project page. The bidder can view and download the project information from this page.

Afterwards, the bidders is requested to “Accept” or “Decline” the bid request, providing the client with transparency on which companies are actively bidding. Finally, the bid is digitally provided by filling in the bid information in a bid form.

The bid form is extremely flexible and suits all types of building projects. Bidders can easily provide questions through the centralized Q&A, or communicate directly with the project manager.

First, think about how your team currently manages the execution of their budgets and their quote requests.

 — Are your budgets digitized and managed in a central location? If you are still managing budgets in Excel, digital bid management can help. Digital bid management software makes your organisation much more efficient by having all data at hand, logged and usable for further analysis.

 — Do you have live insight into the execution of your budgets? Having live insight into the execution of your budgets and business plans is crucial for making the right asset management decisions. Time kills all projects and deals.

 — Is it resource-intensive to prepare reports? Manually reporting is a labour-intensive and excruciating task. No one likes reporting and administration. Therefore, it is important to invest in automated reporting, freeing your team from unnecessary admin work.

Implementing digital bid management is easier than it sounds. You provide your property budgets, which are digitized by Proprli’s onboarding team. Everyone in your team receives an individual account, which is also set up by Proprli.

When all accounts are ready, your team receives an onboarding presentation and will receive full support when running their first projects, by our world-class support team.