Key success factors for onboarding new software in the Real Estate industry

Boudewijn Groot

Boudewijn Groot

Key Takeaways

Onboarding new software in the real estate sector is more than just the adoption of a new tool.

Dealing with diverse work processes that have evolved over time and inconsistent data and information storage are among key challenges.

Strategic collaboration, understanding and addressing a company's specific needs, and providing ongoing support are pivotal roles for software companies.

A software company should aspire to be an active partner, deeply invested in your company's success.

Welcome to our exploration of key success factors when onboarding new software within the Real Estate industry. This isn’t merely about adopting a new tool but embarking on a strategic journey that can redefine operational efficiency and collaboration within your company, clients, and service providers

Today, Nadia Varekamp will share insights from her experience as a Customer Success lead in the software industry that could potentially redefine your onboarding approach, turning challenges into growth opportunities.

The onboarding process challenges

Despite the potential of software onboarding, this journey presents several hurdles. The biggest of these is gathering diverse information about your asset portfolio. This not only requires a deep understanding of what your asset portfolio looks like but also challenges you to find the data you thought you had that is hiding beneath inconsistent document naming and scattered storage systems.

Additionally, gaining acceptance and alignment within your team during the onboarding process can be a daunting task in the light of the changes and resistance it may bring. The apprehension to dedicate additional resources for software learning and implementation can often overshadow the future benefits of the software, making widespread adoption a critical hurdle for the transition.

Lessons that transform into solutions

Through these challenges, I’ve learned invaluable lessons that now serve as solutions and stepping-stone towards an efficient software onboarding process that fosters business growth and operational excellence.

If you are considering collaborating with a new software company, ensure they have a dedicated customer success department. This department should operate with a business-centric approach that seeks not only efficient onboarding, but also a streamlined process afterward. Furthermore, the customer success department should transcend their role, becoming an integral part of your team.

Having a dedicated customer success manager will ensure a consistent and well-rounded interface between your company and the software provider. They, in essence, facilitate a smooth transition from just being a software provider to a partner who is invested in your entity and the well-being of your employees.

The commitment shouldn’t stop at just onboarding, it should extend to alleviate operational stress while tailoring a strategy that speaks to your company’s needs. Whenever you’re seeking a new software service provider, be sure to inquire about the duration, timeline, and responsibilities during the implementation phase.

Ideally, the software company should work to improve your KPIs down the line, maintain a robust post-onboarding contact, and produce a system that is instantly usable after setup. This eliminates downtime and ensures a smooth transition.

Building a strategic collaboration

Successful software onboarding is about establishing a strategic, operational, and innovative collaboration. Your chosen software company shouldn’t merely aim to provide a solution, but aspire to be an extension of your team, guiding you throughout the process. This partnership should permeate every interaction, from the initial onboarding to the ongoing support and improvement strategies.

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