Proprli further automates Technical Real Estate Management with Axxerion (Spacewell) integration

Proprli rolls out its latest integration with Axxerion (Spacewell), setting a new standard in the automation of technical real estate management. This integration isn’t just about technology; it’s about making property management smarter, more intuitive, and incredibly efficient.

The best of both worlds

The essence of this integration? Proprli excels in the technical domain, making technical building management smarter and easier, while Axxerion’s strength lies in financial management and smart buildings technology Together, they offer a holistic approach to managing properties that’s both effective and straightforward.

Why we did It

Proprli recognized a gap – a disconnect in managing properties effectively and efficiently on both the technical and financial fronts. The Proprli and Axxerion integration is our answer to that. By aligning our platforms, we’re not just filling a gap; we’re creating a new pathway that simplifies operations, ensuring that every technical detail, from building maintenance to financials, is in harmony.

By having the operational processes of planned maintenance projects in Proprli, including the maintenance plans, tenders, RFAs and instruction phases, while having the financials, invoicing and payments done in Axxerion, moved us towards creating a well-oiled connection between both systems. This way both systems show the complete picture.

How It works

  • Budget updates: Approved budgets in Proprli are instantly updated in Axxerion, maintaining financial coherence.
  • Work orders sync: Work orders and financial details are seamlessly synced, eliminating discrepancies and ensuring streamlined operations.
  • Real-Time data flow: Information flow between Axxerion and Proprli is in real time, providing consistent and reliable data across platforms.

Benefits for our clients

Our clients get the best of both worlds with Proprli’s technical management and Axxerion’s financial skills, which streamline operations and eliminate the need for manual data entry. This synergy not only boosts efficiency but also delivers on-the-spot insights into live budgets and everyday activities, bringing a new level of insight and oversight into property management.

In Practice: Square Four’s experience

Working with Square Four to deploy this integration has proven its real-world impact and effectiveness. Square Four has fully integrated it into their workflow, using it to make their property management operations smoother and more cohesive across the board.

Looking forward

This integration is just the beginning. We’re committed to evolving our solution, with future enhancements and more integrations on the horizon, ensuring that our clients always have the cutting-edge tools they need.

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