Altera Vastgoed invites Proprli to speak at PROVADA 2024 – Don’t miss out!

Altera Vastgoed Invites Proprli to Speak at PROVADA 2024

In today’s real estate market, property owners and managers often struggle with fragmented communication and data due to primarily operating within their own systems. Furthermore, many existing platforms focus only on one group of stakeholders, limiting the potential for true collaboration. It’s time for a change!

Altera and Proprli

Altera, in collaboration with Proprli, has embarked on a new direction. Proprli has created a central platform that brings together all stakeholders—from owners to property managers. This leads to more efficient processes, improved collaboration, consistent data, transparent communication, and the preservation of crucial technical knowledge of all properties.

The Central Hub

Boudewijn Groot, CEO and co-founder of Proprli, will explain how their technical real estate management collaboration platform, with the building as the beating heart, acts as the central hub for all communication, long-term maintenance plans, projects, document management, tickets, compliance, and sustainability plans.

Join us!

Proprli’s approach intelligently and crucially connects technical asset management, property management, and tenant relations, essential for the future of real estate management.

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