GARBE Industrial Real Estate Netherlands selects Proprli platform to support their Technical Management activities

Proprli, the leading collaboration platform for Technical Real Estate Management, is excited to announce that GARBE Industrial Real Estate Netherlands has chosen Proprli to enhance the compliance and technical management of its Dutch logistic property portfolio. As a prominent investment manager in the logistics and industrial real estate sector, GARBE will leverage Proprli’s comprehensive platform to maintain rigorous compliance standards and facilitate efficient management across its properties.

Streamlining building compliance

GARBE’s adoption of Proprli’s platform signifies a strategic move to streamline their building compliance and technical management processes. Proprli’s platform will enable GARBE to manage all legally required documents and inspections seamlessly, ensuring they meet stringent regulatory standards. By centralizing these operations, Proprli will provide GARBE with real-time oversight and control, fostering a transparent and efficient approach to managing their expanding portfolio.

Boudewijn Groot, Co-Founder & CEO at Proprli, remarks: "We are proud to welcome GARBE to the Proprli platform. Their choice reflects a growing need for advanced solutions that support robust compliance and operational efficiency in technical real estate management. At Proprli, we are dedicated to empowering our clients with the tools they need for superior technical management. We are eager to support GARBE in achieving their goals of enhanced compliance and streamlined operations."

Supporting growth and stakeholder communication

Proprli’s platform is designed to meet the needs of dynamic and rapidly growing companies like GARBE. Its scalability and user-friendly interface will be critical as GARBE continues to expand. The platform will facilitate seamless communication and coordination among maintenance teams, property managers, and owners, ensuring that all stakeholders have real-time access to essential information.

Paul Twigt, Head of Real Estate Management at GARBE, states: "With Proprli, we found a smart solution that addresses all our technical management needs. Its capability to manage compliance requirements, track periodic maintenance, and streamline communication among our teams and stakeholders is unparalleled. Proprli offers the real-time insights and flexibility we need to continue delivering exceptional service to our clients." 

Superior Technical Management

Proprli is proud to support GARBE as they embark on this journey towards superior technical management and compliance excellence. Together, they are poised to set new benchmarks in the logistics and industrial real estate sectors.

About GARBE Industrial Real Estate Netherlands

GARBE Industrial Real Estate Netherlands is a leading investment manager for logistics and industrial real estate. With a full-service, vertically integrated management platform, GARBE serves over 100 institutional clients, providing comprehensive management and advisory services. Their commitment to high-quality performance and innovative strategies ensures optimal results for their clients’ investments.

About Proprli

Proprli is the collaboration platform for Technical Real Estate Management. Proprli revolutionizes the way real estate owners, property managers and tenants collaborate, eliminating manual reporting and Excels, providing real-time insights for governance and compliance of all assets, and giving unparalleled control and visibility over real estate portfolios.

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