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Proprli connects Owners, Property Managers, and Tenants for seamless collaboration. We simplify reporting, streamline governance and compliance, and offer total control and visibility over your entire property portfolio.

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What's really going on behind the scenes of Real Estate Management?

Separated software platforms

Real estate owners work in their own asset management system, whilst property managers work in their separate property management system.

Communication breakdowns

Communication between owners and property managers is mainly through e-mail and Excel files, which cause human errors, delays, duplication of work and manual entry of data.

No budget vs actuals insight

Because of the separated management platforms, owners have no live insight into budget vs actuals in a user-friendly readable format.

Complex Legal and regulatory compliance

Real estate laws and regulations are complex and constantly changing. Asset owners and property managers must stay up-to-date and ensure building compliance to avoid legal liabilities and fines.

Leaving employees

Because of the strain on the employment market, employees often move companies. This results in a lack of continuity in real estate management, loss of qualitative information and a poor service to tenants

Lack of team coordination & alignment

Effective coordination between asset owners and property managers is critical for ensuring tasks and priorities are completed efficiently, but a lack of alignment can result in delayed business plans, wrong focus and not meeting ESG targets.

Consequences for Property Managers

Consequences for Asset managers & owners

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Proprli: The leading Collaboration Platform for Technical Real Estate Management

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Unleash the Power of Collaborative Technical Asset Management

Digitize your technical asset management and simplify your processes by centralizing budgets, 10-year maintenance plans, building certificates, document storage, and building element information on one powerful platform.

Master in Governance: Centralize, Digitize, and Collaborate in Bid Management & Approvals

Eliminate spreadsheets and hard-copy approval files and boost efficiency, transparency, and productivity to provide continuous governance required for ESG. Streamline your process and become the master in Governance.

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Live Carbon Pathways: Align your team to Net Zero

Create your roadmap towards net zero and align your internal and external team members on how to get there. Showcase your organization’s sustainability efforts and accurately report on ESG data to meet industry standards. Share reports with investors and tenants with ease, and outperform your targets.

Your solution for streamlined Tenant Support in Real Estate

Managing Real Estate properties involves multiple stakeholders. From Real Estate owners to property managers to tenants, communication is crucial. Proprli Ticketing steps in to streamline this collaboration effortlessly ensuring seamless tenant support

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Collaborative real estate management without a doubt is a gamechanger

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Improved data management and accessibility with a centralized platform, resulting in up to 40% efficiency gains in technical asset management.

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Better cost management and budgeting with live insight into budgets, leading to up to 20% cost savings.

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Minimize compliance violations risk by up to 70% with effective building certificate management and reminders.

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Boost ease of use with user-friendly building element summaries, leading to up to 50% time savings in information retrieval.

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Streamlined approval process with approval workflow, resulting in up to 40% faster approval times.

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Increase bid management efficiency by up to 50% with automated bid comparison, replacing manual processes.

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“Proprli gives our investors, bank and partners a trusted feeling that we handle our processes and the invested money in a good way.”

Pieter Akkerman

Managing Director, Schroders Capital

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