Built for Commercial Real Estate Owners.
Designed for Project Teams.

The world’s easiest project management and tender tool.
Owners love the insight. Project teams love the tools.

Insight into every project

Become as involved as you want. Proprli enables insight into every project at all times. To the level you desire.

Collect qualitative information

Our tools enable your team to easily gather and share qualitative information collected from the project site.

Save valuable time

Easily create standardised reports in your company’s format. Send automated reports to the team right before your weekly update.

Seamlessly communicate

Collaborate and gather feedback in the
context of your project and tenders.

Secure fair value

Inviting bidders has never been easier. Select the best pre-qualified parties from our database to ensure you receive at least 3 quotes for every project.

Know your project costs

Quickly estimate what your project will cost
using our Cost Estimation tool.

Your team’s collaborative workspace

Proprli is more than a tender platform – it’s a workspace that brings qualitative information and coordination together in one place. Leave comments to your project team, manage tasks and prepare for a tender.

Compare 3 quotes in an instant

Make quick and informed decisions with Proprli’s one-page quote comparison. All quotes are summarised and set against each other in an overview page, ensuring an apple-to-apple comparison.

Request approval for instruction with a click on the button, or aks for more detailed information from contractors through the tender Q&A.

“Due to the convenient one-page comparison and the extensive research of Proprli, I was able to decide much easier which contractor to work with.”

– Jurjen Brouwer.
Asset Manager at Cording Real Estate

Manage your portfolio with the right tools.

“With the help of Proprli I save time and energy setting up tenders and am therefore able to focus on the execution of projects itself.”

– Frank Weber.
Property Manager at Savills

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