How Colliers transformed its business by implementing innovative platforms

What's the vision of Colliers on property management and digitization? What Platforms they use? And how does Proprli fits in this vision?

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Colliers is a leading diversified professional services and investment management company. With operations in 65 countries, their 18,000 enterprising professionals work collaboratively to provide expert real estate and investment advice to clients. Colliers maximizes the potential of property and real assets to accelerate the success of their clients, investors and people.

“Proprli bundles a lot of knowledge and data insights in one central platform. Internally it brings Colliers a lot of efficiency.”

Bas Ambachtsheer

CTO, Colliers EMEA
Waarom Cairn Real Estate haar Technical Asset Management moest transformeren

Why Colliers decided to transform its knowledge management to improve property management

Decentralized data and knowledge

Before Proprli, the knowledge management between within Colliers was challenging. The company had no effective way to share and combine data and knowledge between different business units. This also effected the ability to advice their clients.

Inefficient internal processes

Communicating and sharing client data was inefficient because the data was located in different kind of sources and formats. Knowledge management and sharing project data therefore took up a lot of time and resources for Colliers.

Inefficient learning curve

Before Proprli, team members were not able to learn as easily from each other’s projects. Technical managers spend a lot of time collecting data and preparing reports, after the asset manager prepares their own reports for the investment reports
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Transforming the Technical Property Management process at Colliers

Create a vision and strategy on digitalization of Colliers

When digitalizing and automating processes within the whole company, Colliers had to get everybody on board. To improve the business, Colliers was creating a new vision and strategy on digitalization and combining data and knowledge through innovative platforms .

Combine information and knowledge

Colliers implemented four new platforms to digitalize the company and combining information and knowledge management through the entire business. With the implementation of Proprli, Colliers is now able to combine data, processes and workflows to improve technical property management.

Automated workflows

Before using Proprli, a lot of processes were manual, time-consuming and chaotic. Colliers has automated a lot of processes to improve and structure these workflows. This makes it far more easy to find documents and improve overall efficiency of time-consuming processes.

More efficiency for Colliers

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