Nexus is driving efficiency in Asset Management: One-click Real Estate sales, faster approvals and real-time sustainability management

In today's rapidly evolving real estate landscape, efficient operations are paramount. With Proprli, Nexus is redefining what's possible, even with a compact team.


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Nexus Real Estate

Nexus Real Estate initiates and structures investments mainly in Dutch commercial real estate. Nexus specializes in bringing change management to (distressed) asset and/or loan portfolios, by improving portfolio KPI’s through aggressive and intensive commercial asset management and by providing refinancing and/or exit strategies for stakeholders. Nexus has the hands-on, entrepreneurial approach that today's dynamic market demands.

“Proprli's impact on Nexus is threefold: smarter collaboration with our Property Managers and Asset owners, One-Click Real Estate Sales and faster approvals.”

Pieter Romme

Partner, Nexus Real Estate

Why Nexus Real Estate decided to implement new technology to improve efficiency and quality

Lack of insights in building compliance

It’s extremely important to have all (legally) required documents in order off all assets. This has always been a challenge, because there wasn’t a platform that provided us with these insights of what’s present and what’s missing. This makes it always a challenge to complete the data room when selling assets.

Delayed approvals

The project approval procedure relied on forms designed in Word or Excel. Technical managers would complete these, then print, sign, and scan them. Subsequently, the documents were forwarded to the Asset Manager, who followed a similar procedure. This method made it challenging to track approved projects and identify the next in line for approval.

Time wasted on reporting and communication breakdowns

Property Managers devoted substantial time to data collection and report preparation. Subsequently, asset managers would compile their reports for investment analysis. Without a centralized information repository, this process often led to inaccuracies.

Better collaboration with investors and property managers

Faster sales process

Proprli is a platform that makes Nexus able to go into a sale immediately and have all the data real-time available and provide it into a dataroom for a potential buyer. This is possible because Nexus manages all buildings based upon a compliancy score. This shows the quality and completeness of all building related data.

Faster Tender and RFA process

With the Proprli Tender and RFA dashboard, Nexus manages to approve projects and bids faster. The platform gives all the necessary information to make a quick decision and get the property managers to keep projects moving, ultimately making tenants happier.

Live insights in how buildings score on sustainability

The Proprli platform helps Nexus create roadmaps towards net-zero and accurately report on ESG data. Nexus can track and manage ESG-related projects and set ESG goals for better alignment across both the property management and asset management organizations.

More efficiency for Nexus

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