Real Estate Collaboration Platform Proprli secures £600k investment from Blackfinch Ventures

Real Estate Collaboration Platform Proprli secures £600k investment from Blackfinch Ventures
Proprli, an innovative real estate collaboration platform enabling property and asset managers to manage their real estate portfolios while complying with ESG objectives and net-zero carbon emissions targets, has secured a £600k investment from Blackfinch Ventures.

Accelerating Growth

This financial boost will accelerate Proprli’s growth, allowing them to further improve the platform and onboard key talent to execute the sales and marketing strategy. The investment comes on the heels of Proprli’s record-breaking year in which the company more than doubled its turnover and welcomed Micha Smit as CCO to lead its commercial operations.

Empowering Property Managers

Proprli is also developing a comprehensive partner program to empower property managers. The company is strengthening its position in the market by forming partnerships with leading property management companies such as Colliers International. The real estate industry is poised for transformative change with these strategic partnerships and innovative solutions.

A Game-Changer for Real Estate Companies

Founded in 2018 by Boudewijn Groot, David Noguerol and Coen Geesing, Proprli’s cutting-edge software streamlines property & project management, procurement, and capital management, transforming the way stakeholders manage technical building information and workflows. Proprli’s collaboration platform is a game-changer for real estate companies facing stringent regulations, especially those related to sustainability performance. As a result, the platform has already attracted powerhouse clients.

Targeting Sustainability

Proprli’s platform allows stakeholders to create a concrete plan to reach net-zero carbon emissions targets, addressing the increasing demand for sustainable real estate practices. Major clients like Colliers International and Schroders Capital have already embraced Proprli’s technology.

Founders’ Synergy Drives Proprli’s Success and Expansion

Boudewijn Groot, Proprli’s CEO and co-founder, highlights the company’s mission to create a collaboration platform that streamlines real estate portfolio management and helps reach net-zero carbon emissions targets.

“The investment from Blackfinch Ventures will enable Proprli to enhance the platform further and expand Proprli’s team to meet the growing needs of all customers.”

Confidence in Proprli’s Founding Team & Vision

The Blackfinch Ventures team, which is made up of entrepreneurs, ex-founders and technical experts, will now work alongside the Proprli management team to provide guidance and support to help the business achieve its growth ambitions.

Dr Reuben Wilcock, Head of Ventures, said:

“Proprli has a strong founding team in Boudewijn, Coen and David, all of whom bring a wealth of expertise and industry insight to their roles. As a result, the platform is well equipped to address the existing and future needs of the real estate market including the increased emphasis on meeting net zero carbon emissions targets.

“The company has benefited significantly from that knowledge over the last 18 months, during which time it has established a solid client base, and more than doubled its turnover.

“Further to this investment the business will now be able to expand its team, enhance its product, and take advantage of growing regulations in the industry, all of which will only serve to facilitate further growth.”

Blackfinch Ventures forms part of the Blackfinch Group, a rapidly growing investment manager committed to helping individuals, businesses and communities to thrive.

Partnering for a Sustainable Real Estate Future

The collaboration between Proprli and Blackfinch Ventures promises to bolster both companies’ commitment to a more sustainable and innovative real estate industry. In addition, this partnership aims to leverage growing regulations and opportunities in the sector to facilitate further growth for Proprli and its customers.


  • Proprli, a revolutionary real estate collaboration platform, secures a £600k investment from Blackfinch Ventures to accelerate growth and innovation
  • The platform streamlines property & project management and helps stakeholders achieve net zero carbon emissions targets, attracting major clients like Colliers International and Schroders Capital
  • Blackfinch Ventures’ support and expertise will bolster Proprli’s commitment to sustainable real estate practices and enable the company to capitalize on growing market opportunities.

About Proprli

Proprli revolutionizes how real estate owners and property managers collaborate, eliminating manual reporting and Excel files, providing real-time insights for governance and compliance of all assets, and giving you unparalleled control and visibility over your real estate portfolio.

About Blackfinch

Blackfinch Group is an award-winning investment specialist and trusted provider. Employing more than 140 full-time members of staff, it has a heritage dating back 25 years. The group provides tax-efficient investment solutions, managed portfolio services, early-stage investing, property financing and energy infrastructure investing. It is entrusted with over £650 million in assets under management. Inspired by the work of Charles Darwin and founded on evolutionary principles, Blackfinch adapts to and evolves with customer requirements, helping others to thrive.

About Blackfinch Ventures

Blackfinch Ventures invests in innovation. It targets high-growth opportunities, supporting start-ups and early-stage businesses with technological potential. The focus is on disruptive businesses, offering products that address real world needs, with the capability to make an impact in global markets.

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