Proprli and FIRST Real Estate partner to modernize Property Management

Proprli, the platform redefining technical real estate management collaboration, has partnered with FIRST Real Estate, a boutique commercial real estate firm. This partnership introduces a streamlined approach to managing FIRST Real Estate’s entire portfolio with Proprli’s platform, focusing on technical management, compliance, and tenant communications.

Streamlining operations

FIRST Real Estate selected Proprli for its capabilities in managing the technical details of property management. The platform’s centralized approach addresses building compliance, maintenance budgets, and live budget tracking, simplifying the technical management process. Additionally, it improves tenant communication with an intuitive ticketing feature. This selection was based on Proprli’s ability to provide a singular solution for varied technical property management needs.

Gert-Jan Groenendijk, Partner at FIRST Real Estate, notes, "Choosing Proprli aligns with our goal to enhance efficiency and service quality. Their platform consolidates essential technical management tools, allowing us to focus on delivering even more added value to our clients."

Driving efficiency and transparency

This collaboration represents a shared vision for innovation in property management. Proprli’s technology meets the evolving needs of the real estate industry, offering governance, compliance, and portfolio management insights.

Boudewijn Groot, Co-Founder & CEO of Proprli, states, "Our partnership with FIRST Real Estate underscores our commitment to improving property management through technology and service. We look forward to driving efficiency and transparency together with FIRST."

Shared Vision of modern, fast-growing brands

Both Proprli and FIRST Real Estate are young, rapidly growing companies with a modern approach to their fields. This partnership not only signifies a strategic alliance but also represents a perfect alignment in values and vision between two brands dedicated to elevating the property management industry. 

By combining their strengths, they aim to take property management to a higher level, maximizing the potential of real estate assets for their clients.

About FIRST Real Estate

FIRST Real Estate specializes in commercial real estate, operating as a boutique firm to address all your property inquiries, provide advice, and ensure effective marketing for optimal utilization of real estate opportunities. The team comprises seasoned and motivated real estate professionals who offer expert support in transaction practices. Our agents assist organizations with (re)housing issues and are known for their creativity and success in leasing office and commercial spaces. Additionally, we actively create investment opportunities tailored to the unique requirements of various investor types.

Beyond transaction services, we have a dedicated team of in-house marketing specialists focused on optimizing the market positioning of your property. Generating maximum visibility to attract the right parties is one of our key strengths. Our property management team specializes in ensuring the continuity of (value add) real estate portfolios, with active involvement in ESG, sustainability, and project management.

About Proprli

Proprli is the collaboration platform for real estate management, connecting owners, property managers and tenants. By eliminating manual reporting and Excel files, Proprli provides real-time insights for governance and compliance of all assets, offering unparalleled control and visibility over real estate portfolios.

For more on how Proprli and FIRST Real Estate are advancing property management, visit Proprli’s website and FIRST Real Estate’s website.

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