SaaS Bazen Podcast: The Proprli Story with CEO Boudewijn Groot

We’re excited to share that Boudewijn Groot, CEO of Proprli, recently had the opportunity to be featured on the SaaS Bazen Podcast. This platform is a cornerstone for anyone interested in the SaaS industry in the Benelux, offering invaluable insights into the nuts and bolts of building and scaling a SaaS business.

The heart of our Proprli story

The conversation between Boudewijn and podcast host Johan de Wit is a deep dive into the essence of Proprli. They discuss the origins of our company, the hurdles we’ve navigated, and the milestones that have marked our journey. 

Key topics include securing funding, assembling a dedicated team, and the strategic moves that have allowed us to introduce our collaboration platform for technical real estate management to a traditionally conservative market.

Boudewijn doesn’t hold back on sharing the lessons learned along the way, from the invaluable advice of our first investors to the strategies that have propelled our growth. It’s a insightful reflection on the trials and triumphs of running a SaaS startup.

Why should you tune in?

We invite you to listen to this engaging episode. It’s an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Proprli’s mission, the decisions we’ve made, and the direction we’re headed. Boudewijn’s conversation with Johan is not just informative but also a source of inspiration for anyone interested in the dynamics of building a SaaS business.

Listen to the full episode here >

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