Proprli launches innovative ticketing app for property managers

Proprli, the collaboration platform for Technical Real Estate Management, has announced the launch of its new ticketing app, specifically designed to meet the dynamic needs of property managers. This ticketing app is set to streamline the way property managers handle, view, and resolve tickets, facilitating operational efficiency and management capabilities on the go. From ticketing […]

DHVM vastgoedmanagement partners with Proprli to modernize Technical Property Management

Proprli, a leader in technical real estate management collaboration, announces a new partnership with DHVM vastgoedmanagement a well-known property management company in the Netherlands. This collaboration is set to change the way DHVM manages its extensive real estate portfolio through the use of Proprli’s digital platform. Elevating operations through digitalization DHVM’s decision to partner with Proprli […]

Proprli and FIRST Real Estate partner to modernize Property Management

Proprli, the platform redefining technical real estate management collaboration, has partnered with FIRST Real Estate, a boutique commercial real estate firm. This partnership introduces a streamlined approach to managing FIRST Real Estate’s entire portfolio with Proprli’s platform, focusing on technical management, compliance, and tenant communications. Streamlining operations FIRST Real Estate selected Proprli for its capabilities […]

Proprli further automates Technical Real Estate Management with Axxerion (Spacewell) integration

Proprli rolls out its latest integration with Axxerion (Spacewell), setting a new standard in the automation of technical real estate management. This integration isn’t just about technology; it’s about making property management smarter, more intuitive, and incredibly efficient. The best of both worlds The essence of this integration? Proprli excels in the technical domain, making […]

Proprli welcomes VGE Real Estate Management

Proprli welcomes VGE Real Estate Management

Proprli, the collaboration platform for technical real estate management, is excited to announce that VGE Real Estate Management has chosen the Proprli platform to manage a part of their real estate portfolio. This collaboration marks a significant step in transforming how asset managers, property managers, and investors interact and manage their real estate portfolio. The […]

Proprli celebrates milestone: COFFR among first 5 customers to adopt smart ticketing platform

Proprli, the collaboration platform for real estate management, is proud to announce that COFFR is among the first five customers to implement our innovative new ticketing platform. This marks a significant step forward in the digitization and automation of real estate management collaboration. More integrated approach COFFR’s decision to implement Proprli’s ticketing platform stems from […]

Proprli and Orange Investment Managers: Transforming Hotel Real Estate Management

Proprli, the collaboration platform for real estate management, is excited to announce that Orange Investment Managers has chosen our platform to manage their hotel real estate portfolio, including the renowned Mainport Hotel in Rotterdam. Operational excellence in niche assets Orange Investment Managers’ decision is driven by the need for a modern platform capable of managing […]

Enhancing building compliance with Proprli’s latest certificate management features

At Proprli, we’re constantly evolving our platform to better serve the dynamic needs of real estate management. In our latest update, we’re excited to introduce significant enhancements to our certificate management tool. These changes are tailored specifically for property managers, suppliers, and tenants, focusing on elevating compliance and streamlining real estate management. More efficiency […]

Family Office Hinke Fongers chooses Proprli to digitize Real Estate portfolio

Proprli, the collaboration platform for real estate management, is thrilled to announce that Hinke Fongers, a renowned family office real estate investor, has entrusted our platform to manage their entire Real Estate Portfolio. The drive behind the decision Hinke Fongers’ decision was rooted in the need for an online platform that could centralize all building […]