Proprli launches new intuitive navigation menu to boost user experience

Proprli platform launches New Navigation Menu

Proprli, the leading collaboration platform for technical real estate management, is excited to announce the launch of its redesigned navigation menu. This upgrade is specifically tailored to improve the user experience for property managers and property owners.

Modernizing Navigation: A user-centric approach

The new navigation menu offers a sleek, user-friendly interface, enabling swift and seamless transitions between different pages and dashboards. This update addresses the limitations of the previous navigation menu, such as hidden menus and complex steps, making it much easier and faster to navigate throughout the platform.

Key features of the new navigation

  • Always-On display: The new menu features an always-on display, allowing for quick navigation between functions, such as moving directly from a ticket to the building dashboard without unnecessary clicks
  • Smart categorization: We have organized all elements of the platform, including sustainability features, into clear groups. This provides a cleaner overview and faster access to various dashboards.
  • Dynamic interface: Users can now hover over menu items to reveal sub-menus and access desired pages with a single click. An expanded view option is also available for a comprehensive overview of all platform sections.

Benefits for users

  • Streamlined organization: The revamped navigation structure provides a more organized and intuitive user interface, improving platform management.
  • Faster navigation: The straightforward layout reduces the need for navigating through multiple layers, significantly saving time for the users..
  • Modern look and feel: The updated design not only enhances functionality but also boasts a visually appealing interface that aligns with the latest design trends.

Efficiency at your fingertips

The new menu is especially beneficial for frequent users who will value the streamlined approach, enabling them to accomplish more with fewer clicks. It also offers an inviting and straightforward experience for new users, encouraging them to explore and engage with the platform’s many useful features.

Top-notch collaboration and technology

Proprli continues to lead in the field of technical real estate management by focusing on enhancing collaboration, efficiency, and user satisfaction. The new intuitive navigation menu underscores Proprli’s commitment to providing top-notch tools and resources for real estate professionals.

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