Sweco partners with Proprli: Innovating Technical Real Estate Management together

Proprli, the collaboration platform transforming Technical Real Estate Management, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Sweco, a leader in property management. This collaboration signifies a leap forward in how Sweco will manage its diverse portfolio across residential, retail, and office sectors.

Digital transformation at the core

Proprli’s platform will serve as a centralized hub for all building data, from building compliance to governance requirements, from managing all building related projects to budgets versus actuals and from sustainability management to live carbon pathways, making it easily accessible for property managers, asset owners and tenants.

"Out of seven evaluated software providers, Proprli stood out as the clear leader. Its capacity to bring together all technical management aspects of our portfolio under one roof aligns perfectly with our goals for digital transformation and innovation," says Jeroen Verwolf, Head of Real Estate Management & Real Estate Advice at Sweco.

From operational efficiency to improving collaboration

This partnership was initiated through a successful relationship with Altera, a client of Sweco already experiencing the benefits of Proprli’s platform. This collaboration serves not just to streamline Sweco’s operational processes but also to strengthen the collaboration with all real estate owners and tenants.

"Integrating Proprli’s platform is a transformative step for Sweco, enabling us to manage all technical aspects of our portfolio from a central platform. The addition of a customer portal, ticketing system, and compliance management features will allow us to offer an enhanced level of service to our owners, tenants, ensuring meticulous governance and compliance across all properties," adds Ashley Zuidendorp, Team Manager Residential at Sweco.

A Partnership built on innovation and expertise

This collaboration represents a significant milestone for both organizations, uniting Sweco’s vast industry expertise with Proprli’s innovative technology solutions. Together, they aim to redefine real estate management, prioritizing efficiency, transparency, and collaboration.

Micha Smit, CCO at Proprli, on the partnership with Sweco: "We're immensely proud to partner with Sweco. Being chosen from a pool of seven software providers demonstrates our platform's strength and our commitment to innovation in real estate technology." 

About Sweco

Real estate is constantly evolving, whether it concerns offices, retail spaces, or residences. Sweco combines its technical expertise from 22,000 advisors and engineers with its real estate portfolio, thus offering a unique range of services in property management.

About Proprli

Proprli is the collaboration platform for Technical Real Estate Management. Proprli revolutionizes the way real estate owners, property managers and tenants collaborate, eliminating manual reporting and Excels, providing real-time insights for governance and compliance of all assets, and giving unparalleled control and visibility over real estate portfolios.

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