Next step in automating Technical and Financial Property Management: Proprli launches Microsoft Business Central integration

Proprli is thrilled to announce its latest innovation: a direct integration with Microsoft Business Central, setting a new benchmark in the seamless automation of property management. This integration is an important step forward, merging technical real estate management with financial accounting in a fully automated way.

Real time technical and financial data

The essence of this integration lies in its ability to combine the rich financial management capabilities of Microsoft Business Central with the technical and sustainability management features of Proprli. Through a direct API and webhook-driven architecture, updates made in Microsoft Business Central instantly synchronized in Proprli, achieving a new level of real time data and efficiency.

More automated property management operations

For Proprli clients already leveraging Microsoft Business Central for their real estate accounting, this integration gives them an even more automated property management operation. It ensures that all data about properties, stakeholders, and transactions are managed with precision in Business Central, while Proprli manages projects, technical maintenance, and service requests with exceptional agility.

Integration highlights and advantages

  • Instantaneous data reflection: The integration ensures that all updates in Business Central are immediately available in Proprli, facilitating a dynamic and up-to-date operational overview.
  • Automated property and work order management: From initiating maintenance work orders to handling (unexpected) property incidents, all activities commanded in Proprli seamlessly populate in Business Central, encapsulating the full spectrum of property management tasks.
  • Live budget versus actual flow: By syncing invoice processing and payment activities from Business Central back into Proprli, the integration enables a transparent and accurate tracking of budgetary performance, aligning financial forecasts with actual expenditures.

Breaking down traditional barriers

This integration between Proprli and Microsoft Business Central revolutionizes the way real estate professionals approach their work, breaking down traditional barriers between technical management and financial administration. It stands as a testament to Proprli’s forward-thinking vision, delivering a solution that not only meets the current demands of the industry but anticipates its future challenges.

The future of Property Management

By combining the technical management features of Proprli with the financial oversight provided by Microsoft Business Central, this integration not only simplifies the complexities of real estate management but also paves the way for a future where property management operations are more integrated, insightful, and responsive than ever before.

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