DHVM vastgoedmanagement partners with Proprli to modernize Technical Property Management

Proprli, a leader in technical real estate management collaboration, announces a new partnership with DHVM vastgoedmanagement a well-known property management company in the Netherlands. This collaboration is set to change the way DHVM manages its extensive real estate portfolio through the use of Proprli’s digital platform.

Elevating operations through digitalization

DHVM’s decision to partner with Proprli was driven by the need to improve operational processes amidst the challenges of staffing and scaling in the property management industry. Proprli’s technical management platform emerged as the ideal choice, offering automation and streamlined processes that empower DHVM to achieve more with their existing workforce, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the pressure on staff.

Huib Janssen, CEO & Founder of DHVM, shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating, "Our selection of Proprli was based on its smart approach to managing the technical demands of our real estate portfolio. The platform's centralized management of building compliance, budget tracking, maintenance plans, sustainability management and tenant interactions perfectly aligns with our needs and focus on efficiency and operational excellence."

Davey Menting, Real Estate Manager at DHVM and the initiator of the Proprli partnership, remarked, "This partnership with Proprli aligns perfectly with our vision for digital transformation. It not only optimizes our operational efficiency but also elevates the level of service we provide to our clients, ensuring DHVM continues to lead in the property management sector."

Innovating property management together

The partnership between Proprli and DHVM represents a mutual commitment to using technology to address the evolving needs of the property management industry. By combining strengths, Proprli and DHVM are looking to set new standards for property management, focusing on efficiency and effective portfolio oversight.

Boudewijn Groot, Co-Founder & CEO of Proprli, commented on the partnership, saying, "Joining forces with DHVM is a significant step for Proprli in our mission to improve property management through technology. We are excited to support DHVM in their goals to streamline operations and manage their portfolio more effectively." 

About DHVM vastgoedmanagement

DHVM offers property management services to a diverse clientele, ranging from individual property owners to international real estate funds. The company is committed to maintaining transparency, providing full-service solutions, and alleviating client concerns while ensuring control and oversight.

About Proprli

Proprli is the collaboration platform for Technical Real Estate Management. Proprli revolutionizes the way real estate owners, property managers and tenants collaborate, eliminating manual reporting and Excels, providing real-time insights for governance and compliance of all assets, and giving unparalleled control and visibility over real estate portfolios.

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