PVM Partners with Proprli to Digitize Entire Real Estate Portfolio

Proprli, the collaboration platform in Real Estate Management, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with PVM, a leading and fast growing Real Estate Consultancy firm in The Netherlands. This partnership is set to further innovate PVM’s Property Management services, delivering real-time insights on building compliance, maintenance, governance, and sustainability management, accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

All-in-One Platform for building information

Proprli’s platform provides a consolidated real time view of all building related data, from detailed building compliance and governance requirements, to project management and sustainability management, facilitating seamless access for property managers, asset managers, owners, and tenants.

"We already worked with Proprli for a part of our Real Estate portfolio. With this new partnership we have decided to integrate Proprli into our entire portfolio. This resonates with PVM's drive towards operational excellence and innovation. We see their platform as a paradigm shift in Real Estate Management'' said Roy Zöld, Director & Owner at PVM.

Addressing Real Estate's traditional challenges

This partnership directly confronts industry challenges: the burden of manual reporting, the gap in accessing real-time data, and the absence of collaborative platforms.

"With Proprli's partnership with PVM, we're not merely making incremental changes in real estate management. Instead, we're transforming the whole collaborative process between all stakeholders. The goal is a more efficient, transparent approach benefiting property managers, asset managers, owners and tenants." said Boudewijn Groot, Co-Founder & CEO at Proprli

Raising the standard for modern Property Management

PVM and Proprli are committed to ensuring all stakeholders have access to real-time, digitally streamlined, top-quality data, offering always-on services and setting a new standard in maximizing Real Estate potential.

"We're laying the foundation for an always-on, digital-first, and data-centric future where stakeholders extract the utmost value from Real Estate," said Stephan Kerperien, Consultant & Manager at PVM.

About Proprli

Proprli is the collaboration platform for real estate management, connecting owners and property managers. By eliminating manual reporting and Excel files, Proprli provides real-time insights for governance and compliance of all assets, offering unparalleled control and visibility over real estate portfolios.

For more information, visit www.proprli.com

About PVM

At its core, PVM is a real estate consultancy, composed of a tight-knit team of 90 experts focused on contemporary real estate subjects. The company provides a holistic perspective essential for efficiently navigating the multifaceted realm of real estate, always aiming to satisfy users and, in turn, maintain and enhance property value.

Learn more at www.pvm.nl.

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