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Why NSI wanted a transformation of its approach to technical asset management and how it brought more efficiency for NSI. Check out this Customer Case.


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NSI N.V. is a Dutch listed commercial property investor. We enable our customers to achieve maximum productivity and growth, providing best-in-class flexible space solutions and services in modern, healthy, sustainable buildings in prime locations. The portfolio consists of 63 properties with a value of over 1.3 billion euros.

“By using Proprli we are able to have full control on the budgets, project statuses and legal requirements to ensure safe, well-functioning and healthy buildings.”

René van der Boor

Technical Asset Manager, NSI
Waarom Cairn Real Estate haar Technical Asset Management moest transformeren

Why NSI wanted a transformation of its approach to technical asset management

Projects Overview

NSI’s internal team, external property managers and management used to have a limited view of the actual status of maintenance and capex projects. Updates and reports were shared in Excel files by the external property managers. These Excel files were not always up to date, often came in different formats and the manual work required was prone to human error. It also required a lot of time to prepare for every quarter.

10-Year Maintenance Plans

Prior to using Proprli, NSI and their property managers used Excel to create and manage their 10-year maintenance plans. This way of working was inefficient and error-sensitive, especially when managing a large portfolio. Additionally, NSI realised they were missing out on a great opportunity to utilise the vast amount of data stored in all these maintenance plans over the years. That is where Proprli comes in.

Certificate Management

Technical certificates, maintenance reports and other property-related documents were stored by the property manager, on their hard drive. As the owner of the assets, NSI had limited insight into which certificates were present and which were missing or outdated. Gathering all this information, once required, was very time-consuming.
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Transforming the technical asset management process at NSI

Efficient collaboration and communication

NSI has live insight into the status of every maintenance and Capex project in their portfolio. With Proprli, NSI manages their projects in one centralised system. This gives everyone, including technical asset managers, and local property managers, immediate insight into where projects stand across the portfolio, and where they need to take action.

Provide information owners want

NSI has one centralised system to create and manage all their 10-year Maintenance Plans, making their organisation much more efficient. With all data at their fingertips, NSI is able to easily find information, leave remarks, approve Maintenance Plans and keep track of performance across their entire portfolio.

Instant hand overs and accelerated learning curve

NSI has insight and control over their assets’ certificates. Using Proprli, they gained an automated system that tells them exactly which certificates are needed, which documents are still missing and what is legally required. In addition, the automated reminders sent to the relevant supplier guarantees that no certificate will become outdated.

More efficiency for NSI

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