Proprli launches New Buildings Dashboard & Activity Feed

Proprli launches new New Buildings Dashboard & Activity Feed
Proprli introduces two groundbreaking features on the platform, designed to elevate collaboration between real estate owners and property managers to new heights. Say hello to our innovative Buildings Dashboard and Activity Feed.

Introducing the Smart Buildings Dashboard

We’ve reimagined the landing page of the Proprli platform with the introduction of our new Buildings Dashboard. The dashboard provides instant insights into your real estate portfolio’s performance by showcasing:

  • Budget vs Actuals progression
  • Portfolio compliancy scores (are all required documents & certificates present)
  • Usage of Proprli by technical managers and contractors for procurement and bid management

Both property managers and asset owners can now easily identify the status of a building and the actions required. With a quick glance, pinpoint the buildings that need extra attention, eliminating the need for endless emails, meetings and calls for updates.

Stay Updated with the Activity Feed

We’re excited to also unveil the Activity Feed in line with our new buildings dashboard. This feature offers a detailed view of works carried out in your buildings, allowing you to:

  • Track quote requests and bidder invitations
  • Monitor outstanding RFA’s
  • View project status changes and raised questions

Users can now simply scroll through the activities for daily updates, saving valuable time on communication and ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Roadmap: Streamlining Meetings and Enhancing the Dashboard

Our team is currently working on a dedicated meeting page, designed to:

  • Create tasks and meeting notes during asset progress discussions
  • Eliminate email and Excel dependency
  • Run meetings directly via the Proprli platform
  • Connect actionable input to the source (building, projects, etc.)
  • Enhance visibility for both owners and property managers

This addition will significantly improve efficiency and collaboration within our platform. We’re also developing a V2 of the Buildings Dashboard, which will include an overview of tasks and outstanding tenders with upcoming deadlines.

Empower Your Real Estate Collaboration with Proprli

At Proprli, we’re committed to revolutionizing real estate management through innovative technology and seamless collaboration. Our platform offers the tools, insights, and structure necessary for effective portfolio management, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – achieving real estate excellence.

Join us on this journey to transform how you manage your real estate portfolio.

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