Proprli Launches in the UK: Revolutionizing Real Estate Collaboration

Proprli opens new office in The UK.

Proprli, a leading innovator in real estate technology, proudly announces the launch of its collaboration platform for real estate management in the United Kingdom. Proprli’s expansion into the UK market comes as a strategic move after extensive research, identifying it as the ideal fit for their revolutionary platform in the field of real estate management.

Collaboration platform for owners & property managers

Proprli’s collaboration platform is set to revolutionize the way owners and property managers collaborate, streamlining the execution of asset management and sustainability plans. By leveraging the latest advancements in technology, Proprli empowers property stakeholders with a user-friendly interface and features designed to optimize decision-making processes, tenant communication, maintenance workflows, carbon pathways and sustainability dashboards.

First launching customers

Proprli is well on its way to achieving its objective, with the first launching customers in the UK expected to join the platform within the next few weeks. These early adopters will experience first-hand the platform’s capabilities, which include seamless collaboration between property owners, managers, tenants, and service providers.

"We are thrilled to announce the launch of our collaboration platform for real estate management in the UK. Our extensive market research and analysis have reaffirmed our belief that the UK is the ideal environment for our platform's success. With its dynamic real estate market and forward-looking property management sector, we are confident that our platform will revolutionize the way stakeholders interact and optimize the management of properties," says Boudewijn de Groot, Co-Founder & CEO at Proprli

New office in London

To strengthen its foothold in the UK market, Proprli has already taken significant steps, including the opening of a new office in the heart of London. The strategically-located office, near Waterloo Station, will serve as a hub for innovation, fostering close relationships with local clients and enabling Proprli to respond quickly to the needs of its expanding customer base.

Expanding team

Additionally, Proprli has made a key appointment, hiring their first business development representative, Kieran Clark, in the UK. This move signifies the company’s dedication to offering personalized and localized support, ensuring a seamless onboarding process and exceptional customer experiences for UK clients.

About Proprli

Proprli is the collaboration platform for real estate management, connecting owners and property managers. By eliminating manual reporting and Excel files, Proprli provides real-time insights for governance and compliance of all assets, offering unparalleled control and visibility over real estate portfolios.

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