What is a Building Passport?

Proprli offers a Building Passport solution for digitization that gathers all asset management information, supplier & bid management and sustainability management.

Building passport

A Building Passport is described by the UN’s practical guideline as “A tool for capturing and managing whole life data and information in construction and real estate”.

In other words, the building passport acts as a one-stop-shop data and information hub that supports stakeholders and their service providers, in compliance and decision making, as it holds all building data and information and combines it into real time dashboards and indicators, as well facilitates comparison amongst assets and portfolios.

Stakeholders and data

The real estate sector involves a large group of stakeholders and processes, which can easily result in a fragmentation of important building related information, when they are still stored in pdf, excel files and any other analogical means.

Different stakeholders generate relevant information and data at every stage of the building’s construction and life cycle management. These data are used for different purposes, such as cost management, compliance, operation and maintenance, retrofitting, valuation, financing, investment, sustainability, etc.

With Proprli you can get a customised platform for each stakeholder’s need.

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