CBRE stays ahead on innovation and rolls out Proprli

CBRE has implemented the latest version of Proprli Project View 2.0, under the direction of their cost management department, thereby digitizing all tenders in Proprli.

To find the right software provider, CBRE wrote a clear, well-defined tender for their software requirements. Initially, 15 companies were listed on the long list, after which 5 companies were invited to send in a proposal. Eventually, Proprli was one of two companies to provide a live demonstration of their software. “We are extremely proud of our young team to have won this software tender for CBRE. Especially since larger well-known software companies in the real estate industry were invited as well. Being able to help CBRE with digitization and innovation is a real compliment to all the hard work our team has put in over the last years.” – Boudewijn Groot, CEO of Proprli.

With the addition of CBRE’s project management portfolio, the total value of projects tendered through Proprli on a yearly basis is now over €200M.

Proprli Project View 2.0

With Proprli’s latest version of Project View, users can set up bid packages entirely digitally. It is easy to request quotes from one or more service providers, to create digital bid forms and manage all project questions and communication in one central place. Upon receiving of all bids, the system automatically compares the bids, which is visualised in a beautiful and well-structed apples-to-apples comparison. Finally, before instructing the winning party, the user can fully utilise Proprli’s digital approval flows.

Beneficial for project managers

Project managers have a user-friendly tool to enhance the quality of their projects and easily present to their clients. Digitising bid management in project management companies results in:

  • Professionalising procurement (also for clients and bidders)
  • A more consistent quality of reporting
  • Centralised communication
  • Quick handovers to colleagues, without loss of knowledge
  • Continuity in your organisation

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