Nexus Real Estate chooses Proprli platform to manage Portfolio

Nexus Real Estate chooses Proprli platform to manage entire Portfolio

Proprli, the collaboration platform for real estate management, is pleased to announce that Nexus Real Estate, the Dutch real estate fund and asset management company, has chosen the Proprli platform to manage its real estate portfolio.

Nexus intends to streamline and automate its operations by utilizing the Proprli platform, which will centralise their budgets, 10-year maintenance plans, building certificates, and building element information.

Real-time insights and automated compliance

With Proprli, Nexus will have access to real-time insights into their budgets compared to actual spending, automated reminders for regulatory compliance, and effective project management. To simplify their processes and governance, eliminate the need for spreadsheets and hard-copy approval files, Nexus will adopt the supplier and bid management solution.

Pieter Romme, Founder and Partner at Nexus Real Estate

"We are excited to implement Proprli's innovative platform to manage our real estate portfolio. The platform's real-time insights and comprehensive capabilities will ensure the successful execution of our asset management and sustainability plans."

Alignment on ESG targets

The Proprli platform helps Nexus create roadmaps towards net-zero and accurately report on ESG data. Nexus can track and manage ESG-related projects and set ESG goals for better alignment across both the property management and asset management organizations. By presenting high-quality reports to investors and banks, clients can showcase their organisation’s sustainability efforts and exceed their objectives.

Effective collaboration

This combined with Nexus Real Estate’s asset management expertise will ensure effective collaboration between the property management company Square Four, asset management company Nexus Real Estate and joint venture partner Tristan Capital Partners. It is extremely powerful to have the entire chain of stakeholders collaborating in the same platform.

Boudewijn Groot, Co-Founder & CEO at Proprli

"We are proud that powerhouse clients like Nexus Real Estate are choosing our platform to manage their real estate portfolio. It's also exciting to see that our platform is being used to report to important asset owners like Tristan Capital Partners."

About Nexus Real Estate

Nexus Real Estate is a Dutch real estate fund and asset management company that specializes in change management for (distressed) asset and/or loan portfolios. With over 50 years of combined experience in real estate investment, asset management, financial management, real estate financing, and corporate finance, Nexus Real Estate provides comprehensive asset and fund management capabilities.

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About Proprli

Proprli is the collaboration platform for real estate management, connecting owners and property managers. By eliminating manual reporting and Excel files, Proprli provides real-time insights for governance and compliance of all assets, offering unparalleled control and visibility over real estate portfolios.

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