Boost productivity and revenue with Digital Bid Management

Through digitisation of bid management, project management organisations can easily save 18 hours per project, which results in an average organisation to approximately €30,000 / year in savings.   As a project management organisation, you want to work as efficiently as possible, whilst providing the best-in-class service your clients expect from you. Utilising the latest

Hoe de vastgoedprofessional thuis werkt tijdens de Coronacrisis

In de afgelopen weken zijn de maatregelen om de “sombrero” van Corona de kop in te drukken, steeds drastischer geworden. En met noodzaak! Mijn eerste reactie was om Proprli hierop voor te bereiden, aangezien dit enorm moeilijke tijden zijn voor een startup. Gelukkig zijn wij als softwarebedrijf al enigszins gewend om vanuit huis te werken.

This is why Proprli’s new dashboard is extremely useful during meetings

Proprli’s new dashboard provides all the right information with a few filters and tabs in Graphs and a dynamic table. Within seconds it provides you with an overview of all maintenance projects, sorted by portfolio, technical manager, region, type of project and stage of the project. Therefore, you now have an interactive overview of your

How to make your technical meetings less stressful and more productive with Proprli

From biweekly phone calls to quarterly reviews, technical meetings in Commercial Real Estate take many different forms. Ultimately, these conversations allow the technical manager to bring the asset manager or landlord representative up to speed on any technical developments in a portfolio including capex and maintenance projects.