Maximizing Efficiency with Property Management Software

Property Management Software: A Guide for asset owners

As you navigate the complex landscape of managing your real estate assets, the quest for heightened efficiency and streamlined operations is perpetual. Embracing the power of property management software is a transformative step that can redefine the management of vast portfolios. This guide is dedicated to you, the large asset owner, seeking to harness technology […]

GARBE Industrial Real Estate Netherlands selects Proprli platform to support their Technical Management activities

Proprli, the leading collaboration platform for Technical Real Estate Management, is excited to announce that GARBE Industrial Real Estate Netherlands has chosen Proprli to enhance the compliance and technical management of its Dutch logistic property portfolio. As a prominent investment manager in the logistics and industrial real estate sector, GARBE will leverage Proprli’s comprehensive platform […]

Proprli expands into Belgium and Luxembourg through strategic partnership with Cobelpro

Cobelpro starts partnership with Proprli

Proprli, the innovative collaboration platform for Technical Real Estate Management, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Cobelpro, a leading property management firm managing a portfolio of 1.4 million m² of professional real estate. This collaboration also marks Proprli’s entry into the Belgium and Luxembourg markets, marking a new chapter in technical real estate […]

Sweco partners with Proprli: Innovating Technical Real Estate Management together

Proprli, the collaboration platform transforming Technical Real Estate Management, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Sweco, a leader in property management. This collaboration signifies a leap forward in how Sweco will manage its diverse portfolio across residential, retail, and office sectors. Digital transformation at the core Proprli’s platform will serve as a centralized […]

Property management SaaS: Cloud solutions for technical property managers

Property Management SaaS

With the rapid evolution of technology, the realm of property management is undergoing a significant transformation. Property Management Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms, which deliver cloud-based property management, provide technical property managers with sophisticated tools to manage their responsibilities efficiently. These platforms streamline tedious tasks through real estate software, ensuring property and asset managers […]

Proprli launches innovative ticketing app for property managers

Proprli, the collaboration platform for Technical Real Estate Management, has announced the launch of its new ticketing app, specifically designed to meet the dynamic needs of property managers. This ticketing app is set to streamline the way property managers handle, view, and resolve tickets, facilitating operational efficiency and management capabilities on the go. From ticketing […]

DHVM vastgoedmanagement partners with Proprli to modernize Technical Property Management

Proprli, a leader in technical real estate management collaboration, announces a new partnership with DHVM vastgoedmanagement a well-known property management company in the Netherlands. This collaboration is set to change the way DHVM manages its extensive real estate portfolio through the use of Proprli’s digital platform. Elevating operations through digitalization DHVM’s decision to partner with Proprli […]