ESG Marketing

In this article, we will explain why it is so important to share what you have done so far regarding ESG, and what is the best way to share.

As an investor, you have probably already contributed a lot to the ESG criteria. However, these efforts have been invisible to the public so far. This means that you will not be able to easily use your efforts in your advantage. Thus, in order to improve your reputation, you will need to market your ESG efforts. By marketing, you will be able to use them as an advantage to your organization, and gain a competitive advantage compared to your peers.
When marketing your ESG efforts, it is critical that you actually show what you have done up to this point regarding ESG, and what your goals are. The goals you set as an organization are a good representation of your commitment to ESG. Think about a way to include ESG in your goals, so that your stakeholders know that efforts will be/are made regarding ESG. Besides a clear overview of your goals, you want to share the values of your organization with your stakeholders, and possibly rewrite these values based on the efforts you made regarding ESG. Lastly, the statement you want to make within your organization can help emphasize your commitment to ESG as well. Thus, it is useful to think about the way you are constructing this statement.
After you have prepared everything that you want to showcase, it is time to start the marketing process. You will have to consider the way in which you are going to tell the public about your efforts regarding ESG. Before the actual marketing process, you have to think about what the best way is to do this for your specific organization. It is important to be consistent when informing stakeholders about the values and goals of your organization. Make sure that you create values and goals that make you stand out compared to your competing peers. Thus, create values and goals that other organizations did not consider.
Besides unique values and goals, there is probably a lot that you want to tell your stakeholders about. However, do not rush into telling them every single issue that has been discussed by your organization. This will create chaos, which results in an unclear overview of your stakeholders on your organization. You should rather create a list of the most important issues you want to inform your stakeholders about, in order to prevent the chaos of telling them too much.
Now that your stakeholders know what the values and goals of your organization are, you want to take the marketing a step further: you want to inform others. This can be done best through media. However, make sure that the media actually understands the view of you organization, so that they will inform the public properly.
Or perhaps your organization can partner up with another organization in order to help and promote each other. This way, you will create some new connections as well.
In order to make ESG efforts seductive for investors, you want to emphasize the connection between sustainability and business performance, and show them why it is worth investing in.
And of course, sharing the success stories that your organization has had so far always helps as well.
Besides marketing about everything your organization will do/does regarding ESG, you actually have to recreate the environment within your organization, so that it will be partly dedicated to ESG. You want every employee to really understand what they are doing within your organization and why it is important, so that they can be involved in the marketing process and actually market themselves.
By using Proprli, you are able to access a clear overview of your ESG efforts. This makes it easier for your organization to create clear goals and values, and to also pass these goals and values to your stakeholders in a clear manner.