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Quickly request quotes and instantly receive an apples-to-apples comparison. Proprli’s tools guide you through a fully compliant process, providing your client with a best-in-class service, while saving valuable time on the project.

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How it works

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Upload your scope of works, photo’s and a description. Proprli helps you draft a digital bid form, resulting in the best process for requesting quotes.

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Easily invite your preferred suppliers to provide a bid. Stay up to date on which companies are available to bid for your project.

Compare bids

Automatically compare bids in an apples-to-apples comparison. Let the bidders do the work to make sure you can compare bids properly.

Show your client

Deliver the best-in-class service to your client by proving that you follow a compliant process.

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Proprli’s customers save on average 5-15% on project costs.

“Choosing Proprli is a financial no-brainer. A small portion of savings already pays for the software. The return on investment calculation is an easy one.”

Maarten Briët – Cairn Real Estate

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