Re:Invent and Proprli discuss the role of technology in building management

Co-founder Michiel Brouwer shared his vision for the future of property management and the importance of technology in the real estate landscape.
Proprli visited Re:Invent to discuss the latest innovations in the real estate industry. Co-founder Michiel Brouwer shared his vision for the future of property management, highlighting the importance of technology and the changing dynamics of the real estate landscape.

According to Re:Invent, buildings are becoming a platform for users within an environment that hosts a diverse mix of businesses, accommodating multiple functions, each with a different type of contract and requirements. Users demand services, experience, and hospitality at their fingertips without any friction, and buildings are selected based on their potential for well-being and health rather than on price and prestige.

Re:Invent’s smart digital property management platform, which includes the Proprli Platform as part of their services, is designed to help property owners and managers create the best possible user experience at the best possible return, while also delivering data and insights to help measure targets around ESG.

Re:Invent is committed to using technology to drive growth and improve the real estate industry. They believe that the industry is ripe for disruption and that the companies that will succeed in the long run are those that are willing to innovate and experiment. With their focus on delivering a superior user experience, Re:Invent is well positioned to lead the way in the ongoing transformation of commercial real estate.

Watch the interview below and learn more about the vision of Re:Invent!

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