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Success Fee for Service Providers.

Owners gain access to our portfolio metrics, our large database of service providers and may run up to 2 projects per asset per year.

Service providers have access to our large network of real estate owners, thereby significantly reducing the need for traditional acquisition.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a 'Request for Proposal'?

This is a document describing the scope of works of a project for which you need to choose a service provider, such as an architect, advisor, contractor or supplier, to work with. The service provider is asked to review the Request for Proposal (RfP) and provide in return a bid for the execution of the works. Multiple bids will be compared in order for the client to determine the best choice.

Where do Proprli we get our service providers?

A combination of our own network of years working in the industry together with a collection of our clients’ preferred suppliers provides us with a significant list of qualified and eager service providers to choose from.

What is your technical expertise?

Every project is unique. Therefore, every project requires specific technical knowledge. Our team of tender managers are in possession of an extensive array of past projects where they have built up significant technical expertise. Additionally, Proprli makes use of her large network of advisers and contractors in order to be the expert every project deserves.

How should I structure my RfP?

1. Project overview
2. Your company background
3. The goals of your project
4. Project scope
5. Target deliverable schedule
6. Possible roadblocks / obstacles
7. Budget constraints
8. Explain what you’re expecting from a service provider

We like to work with our own preferred suppliers. How is that managed through Proprli?

We always recommend you use your preferred suppliers. Inviting them for a project through Proprli is very simple. In case you require additional quotes, we will make sure additional qualified suppliers are invited to your project. Our goal is to always provide you with a quality comparison, in record time.

How do I get started?

Simply register using the link in the top menu and we will get in touch with you about the onboarding process. After registration you are immediately able to set up your own assets, projects and tenders. You can start inviting team members and communicate through the platform. Signing up takes less than 2 minutes.
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