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Meet the Building Passport for real estate portfolios

Ensure your buildings are safe, healthy and compliant & deliver higher returns with a full-service, building passport.

Meet the Building Passport for real estate portfolios

Ensure your buildings are safe, healthy and compliant & deliver higher returns with a full-service, building passport.

Making safe, healthy and compliant buildings is not possible without technology
Proprli is a one-stop-shop for data digitization, adding value to every stakeholder in the real estate industry

Let us help you make your business plan, taking Sustainability, Financial and Technical data into account

Of all global CO2 emissions derives from real estate

Proprli combines financial, sustainability and technical data to help you make a solid plan towards net zero

Of buildings do not comply to increased regulation yet

Regulation becomes increasingly stringent making the problem bigger every year.

Needed to retrofit buildings to comply to ESG requirements

To put this in context; it equates to the typical annual volume of investment activity in Europe

Proprli is the single platform for Asset, Supplier & ESG management

The solution to guarantee building safety and compliance
Proprli offers a range of tools to monitor asset management and performance across your portfolio. From live insights on building metrics including specification details, certificates & compliance documents, through to financial management and 10-year maintenance planning - choose the right solution to integrate with your set-up.

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Deliver transparent and efficient procurement across your portfolio.
Built-in workflows allow for transparent collection, analysis and automated comparisons of all tenders to deliver best value. Manage approvals, invoicing and POs of all projects, integrated with the wider portfolio systems for live analysis of suppliers and contracts.

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The only solution that combines projects with your Carbon Pathways
Proprli’s ESG Solution helps you accelerate your sustainability goals to secure the future of your investment, complete with GRESB built-in workflow. Bespoke dashboards provide live insights into your carbon pathway, whilst smart meter integration allows for tracking and monitoring energy & utility use.

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Cairn Real Estate

“The insight and transparency that is provided to us by the technical managers through the use of Proprli gives us complete confidence that these processes are carried out in a reliable and fair manner.“

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“By using Proprli we are able to have full control on the budgets, project statuses and legal requirements to ensure safe, well-functioning and healthy buildings.”

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Compact Real Estate

“In Proprli, I have a better overview of all my quote requests, because all communication is centralized and easily searchable by asset.“

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“The 10-year maintenance budgets are far more safer and securer than before using Proprli.”

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Align your entire organisation towards your Asset Management & Sustainability goals

For Investment & Asset Managers
Proprli gives you the insight to make data-driven decisions quicker – improving your portfolio’s results.
For Property
Proprli enables you to streamline your work, simplify client reporting and collaborate better as a team.

Why choose Proprli?

One-stop-shop solution

Across ESG, asset management, procurement, financial management and insights & reporting.

Onboarding & Service

Expert, dedicated team to onboard your assets, and lifetime service to guide and support your teams.

Full Integration

Fully integrated with existing systems for alignment, accuracy and live data analysis.

Flexible configuration

Reporting tailored to yours and your companies needs.

Smart standardisation

Allows for consistent building management & reporting.

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