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Managing budgets and projects with Proprli

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Compact Real Estate

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Compact Real Estate Services is an authority in the field of real estate management. We have a clear vision regarding the management of real estate where the happiness of tenant of the property is paramount. This, in turn, guarantees stable rental revenue and less expiring contracts.

Our vision is to offer the most trustworthy real estate management services for high net worth individuals (with their own property portfolio), retirement funds, institutional investors and private property funds. We focus on keeping our tenants happy and consequently keeping the rental income steady. We manage costs by keeping close contact with our clients. Planning processes, budgets, and costs are optimally managed. Management rapports, real-time and quarterly, provide maximum insight to allow adequate guidance.

In Proprli, I have a better overview of all my quote requests, because all communication is centralized and easily searchable by asset.

– Vincent van Wetering, Technical Manager


Why Compact Real Estate decided to transform its approach to Technical Property Management

Inefficient collaboration and communication

Before Proprli, the communication around budgets, maintenance and capex projects was decentralized in separate email inboxes and Excel files. We did not have a real-time overview of all the projects statuses and progress. Therefore, our clients also did not have insight into the progress on renovation projects and the expenditure of budgets.

Decentralized data

Every week, we would collect data for client reporting from all different kind of sources and formats. Creating these reports manually would take up a lot of time and resources.

Inefficient learning curve

Before Proprli, team members were not able to learn as easily from each other’s projects. Knowledge and project experience was not easily shared, especially during Working from Home. There was always a hurdle of asking a colleague regarding their experience on similar renovation projects or technical questions.


Transforming the Technical Property Management process at Compact Real Estate

Efficient collaboration and communication

Compact Real Estate saves a significant amount of time in communication with clients and internal team members. Because of Proprli, all portfolio managers, asset managers and technical managers have access to the same data, alleviating constant update emails and calls. Proprli provides a live overview of all project and bid statuses, giving asset managers their daily priorities to focus on.

Provide information owners need

With Proprli, Compact Real Estate manages to provide the information owners want. By using the automated reports, Compact Real Estate is able to create reports instantly, freeing up time to spend on the things they need to be focusing on.

Accelerate the learning curve

Technical managers can easily learn from each other and share knowledge from past projects. Working together in a digital way is becoming ever more important. Search through past projects, Q&A’s, Bid Forms and Pricing Comparisons, because your entire team is working in one central system.