This is why Proprli’s new dashboard is extremely useful during meetings

Proprli’s new dashboard provides all the right information with a few filters and tabs in Graphs and a dynamic table. Within seconds it provides you with an overview of all maintenance projects, sorted by portfolio, technical manager, region, type of project and stage of the project. Therefore, you now have an interactive overview of your entire technical management at hand during meetings.

Dynamic Graphs

At the top of the dashboard there are three dynamic graphs displayed. These graphs show a summary of the dynamic table below. The first graph show the Number of Projects by Stage. The different stages of a project are Planning, Bidding, Instructed and Not Started. This provides you with an immediate overview of how many projects are yet to commence, and how many have already been executed this year.

The second graph show the Number of Projects by Type. This gives insight into the state of your portfolio, because it differentiates between CAPEX, OPEX and Tenant Improvements. Also, it shows what you spent your budgets on and whether it is tenant related, or deferred maintenance or larger investments.

The top right graph shows a Live Budget vs Actuals of the selected projects in the table. This provides immediate insight into how much has been spent and what is forecasted. The bottom bar of the graph shows the actual amount that has been invoiced already.

Dynamic Table

The table below the graphs changes through the use of filters and tabs. The filters you can apply are: Assets, Technical Manager, Type and Stage. Therefore, it is really easy to produce a list of only the projects you are interested in reviewing at that time, which again is reflected in the Graphs above.

Once you click on a new tab such as Assets, Type, Stage or Technical Manager, the layout of the table reconfigures to provide the requested information. When you want to look at projects per Technical Manager, you want to view manager related information and therefore the columns of the table change accordingly.

How your meetings change

Currently, it takes way too much time to produce decent overviews of project progression and budget vs actuals. Especially, when there is a mistake in the data and the report needs to be redone and reprinted. This doesn’t work as dynamic as it should.

Luckily, now it is very easy to produce and show all portfolio related information on your dashboard. This changes meetings from passive to active by having all live information at hand, meaning you can make data-driven decisions going forward.

As the CRE industry enters the digital new age where there is an ever-increasing focus on leveraging data to increase returns, it is important to equip yourself with the proper information and necessary data sets to offer an infallible service, which includes being prepared and proactive in meetings. Technology enables us to remain on top of our responsibilities and allocate our time wisely even on short notice. For the technical manager in today’s market that technology comes in the form of a PPM system.