This is Proprli’s latest feature

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This is Proprli’s latest feature


Proprli automated theRequest for Approval (RfA)process for their clients. The newly developed process consists of only three simple steps. As a result, clients decrease their instruction process by 12 days on average.

Landlords lose valuable time working with an inefficient RfA process. Often when the client has already made up their mind which party to award the works, it can take up to weeks before all the necessary signatures have been collected and the winning party can start their preparations.

Most companies still work with hard-copy spreadsheets or Word documents to collect signatures for approval. This process is time-consuming and out-dated, which is why Proprli decided to help its clients by automating this feature. 

Proprli’s RfA process consists of three simple steps. First, you decide which company to instruct based on the convenient quote comparison, and click on “Instruct / Request Approval”. A form containing all the relevant information is populated automatically. Second, you write a justification for the instruction on the form. Third, you select the person next in line to approve your request, and forward the form to him or her on the Proprli platform. This person receives an email with the option to decline or accept the RfA, with the possibility to forward it to the next person in line for approval.

After all the necessary signatures have been collected, it is time to officially instruct the chosen party. This again will be done with the press of a button. The losing bidders will receive a message stating they have not been selected this time, and the winning bidder will be informed of the good news.