How Property Investors Save 5-15% across all their Projects and Reduce admin labour by 75%

Competitivity… It’s the driving force of the CRE industry. In today’s market, property investors are constantly on the lookout for the next game-changing tool which will enable them to significantly increase returns and consistently outperform their competitors.

One clear way industry leaders are achieving this is by placing a greater focus on the historically under-served procurement space. From generating new data sets to increasing insight and control, find out how property investors are saving on average 5-15% across all their project costs and reducing administrative labour by 75%.

Save on average 5-15% on project costs

Digitising the entire tendering process can now save landlords an average of 5-15% over all costs on maintenance & capex projects depending on size and scope. By reintroducing a degree of competitivity into the procurement process, leveraging contractors’ experience and executing a tender via a sealed bid process, landlords and their teams are now saving significant amounts of money across all their property budgets.

Lower service charges

Make your properties more competitive through cheaper service charges. Landlords who instruct their teams to tender those works which are allocated within service charges in a collaborative, digital and diligent manner are gaining an advantage. Savings here enable landlords to lower their service charges and as such attract more tenants than their competitors.

More bids reduce costs

Increasing the number of bids from 3 to 5 lowers pricing by an additional 10%! We see an irrefutable correlation between a higher number of comparable quotes received and an increased saving on project costs.

Proprli can suggest the most suitable companies for any given project from our extensive database of service providers. This ensures that users always receive their desired number of bids and benefit from increased savings.

Avoid rework costs

Reduce rework to minimise change order requests, through better communication and knowledge sharing. The number one cause of budget overruns is an incomplete scope of works in the tendering phase of the project lifecycle.

By working through a system like Proprli and making use of digital bid forms and a Q&A feature throughout their tenders, project teams are preventing change orders following instruction and avoiding surprises.

Be more efficient

Through automating workflows and cloud-based project management, Proprli users benefit from an average time saving of 75% across all administrative tasks including reporting, file management and cost tracking.

Additionally, centralised communication and approval-flows means that every team member remains updated and on top of project progression, dramatically boosting productivity.

Leverage historical data

Have better data at your fingertips to negotiate better prices. Leveraging information from past projects for future data-driven decision-making leads to greater results time and time again.

With this level of insight and control users can budget cheaper, work smarter and ultimately outperform their competitors across the board.