Tired of Constantly Being Chased for Updates?

There is nothing more frustrating for technical managers working in commercial real estate than constantly being chased for updates. Property managers, facilities managers and surveyors alike, spend their days trying to keep on top of their ever-increasing workload while politely adhering to the requests for updates from clients and questions from contractors.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for technical managers to simultaneously manage their projects with the seemingly endless streams of emails and report driven correspondence.
Thus, in recent years there has been a focus placed on alleviating some of the pressure on the traditionally underserved technical side of property management. One way in which these technical managers are regaining control and freeing up time to focus on executing the projects themselves while delivering a best in class service to their clients is through making use of new technologies that specifically tackle these pain points. Proprli is used by technical managers to automatically update their clients on project progress throughout the entire lifecycle.

Automating these updates all but eliminates the need for biweekly phone calls and dramatically reduces the time spent reporting to clients. Additionally, by giving access to their clients (i.e. the landlord), users are immediately notified when a client is viewing a project’s progress, ensuring that they are always one step ahead and on top of their tasks list.
Equally, making use of a digital Q&A is an effective way to manage questions from various contractors and reduce time spent responding to service providers and suppliers on an individual basis.

For most managers working on the technical side of CRE, contentment is not being confined to their desk responding to hundreds of emails, many of which are merely iterations of earlier communications.

Nor is it postponing their priorities to deal with other administrative tasks that have piled up, while their phone rings off the hook with more update requests. Technical managers want to execute the budgets they’ve been entrusted with, on-site making qualitative decisions and adding value to their clients’ portfolios.

Ultimately, while property managers continue to work in the same way as they did twenty years ago, there are now numerous tools available for them to work in a more efficient and collaborative way than before. It is just a question of using the right ones.