Digital Approvals in Proprli

Before Proprli…

After we had tendered maintenance or capex works to several contractors and decided which service provider to instruct, it would take ages before the actual instruction would take place.

We would need to prepare an approval form using Word or Excel, and fill in all the basic information such as asset details, project description, project code, budget, technical managers, etc.

Then I would need to write an advice or recommendation why to instruct the chosen service provider. I would include a brief comparison of the total prices of every bidder, but this would not provide any detailed information.

Then I would print the document, sign it myself, scan it and send it to the next person in line. This person would do the same; print the document, sign it, scan it and send it to the final person to sign.

Whenever there was a mistake made anywhere during the process, or anything needed to be changed, then the entire process would need to start all over again. As you can imagine, this can be rather frustrating.

When Proprli came along…

I can immediately start a Request for Approval from within the project in Proprli. All the basic information about the asset and project has already been filled out on the approval form. Even the budget and detailed comparison have been added automatically. The only thing I need to write is the recommendation for instructing the chosen service provider.

With Proprli I can easily select the required approvers, provide a note if necessary and send out the Request for Approval. The process is continuously tracked and saves a significant amount of time for everyone involved.

The RfA is also stored inside the project and can be easily retrieved at any time.