All your information on the go! – The Mobile App for Technical Managers

Like any other role in Commercial Real Estate (CRE), the role of the technical manager is changing quicker than ever. Technical managers are now able to access key portfolio data and project information live and on the go, enabling them to make better, more qualitative decisions away from the office.

With more than 50% of business today being done by phone, a project management app is the first step for industry leaders at the forefront of innovation to operate more efficiently, leveraging technology to consistently manage their projects, supply chain and outperform their competitors.

Insight during meetings

There are several key benefits to adopting a system which offers an app for project tracking and centralised communication. Have you ever been in a meeting, uncertain of where you are with current developments and projects?

A CRE app such as Proprli enables users to view their budgets versus actuals in real time, as well as track project progression through an integrated programme management and milestones feature.

Mobile communication

Furthermore, the app connects users with all members of their project teams including third party technical advisors, surveyors and contractors. Nothing is more time-consuming or frustrating for technical property managers than individually emailing every service provider that may be interested in providing a quote.

The Q&A feature retrieves project specific questions from bidders in a more structured format, allowing you to answer them quickly and completely. In turn this helps you receive your quotes a lot faster and significantly reduces the number of emails the technical manager receives on a daily basis.

Always have your project documents at hand

With an app of this kind, it is now possible to post messages with supporting documents so that they are instantly accessible by the entire project team, keeping communication and documentation centralised and more effective.

Through instant messaging and Q&A modules, the app dramatically improves the overall quality of communication and the speed at which relevant workflows and approvals are executed.

Easier collaboration

Introducing a technical CRE app amongst your colleagues is the first step to improving collaboration from the planning and procurement phases of a project, right through the execution of the works.

Users of the app receive instant notifications and updates right to their phone when there is something for them to do on the system, preventing any member of the team from falling behind and losing track of next steps.

Download the App

Download the Proprli App today to start experiencing the benefits for yourself. Greatly reduce the number of emails you receive and be on top of all your projects at once. It really is like carrying your portfolio in your pocket!